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Our curriculum is driven by our mission, vision, values and by the Chinese proverb ‘I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand’
The Curriculum is designed to help your child develop and apply more and more skills. It will match new learning experiences to the appropriate level of understanding for him or her and will ensure that the whole range of learning activities that he or she experiences has balance and cohesion.
 Below is a definition of our learning and how it is demonstrated Kerridale Prep School.

Definition of learning
Developing life-long learners is a long-term journey that starts with good habits!
At Kerridale Preparatory School learning is defined as follows:
Learning occurs when:
Knowledge is acquired.
Skills are developed.
Understanding gained is applied to everyday life. 

Demonstrating Learning 
At KPS learning is built upon learning, starting from the known to the unknown. Our learning is developed and demonstrated by:
• Transfer and apply learning and skills to new situations.
• Investigate to extend our learning.
• Form new ideas from previous knowledge.
• Communicate our learning effectively.
• Make connections across our learning.
• Critically reflect upon our learning.
• Use learning to support personal growth in attitudes or dispositions.  


In addition to the core subjects below, your child will have other wide and varied landscapes of LEARNING and ACTIVITIES to journey through. These form the FOUNDATIONAL SUBJECTS of the Kerridale Preparatory School Curriculum.


Early Years Foundation Staged
At KPS our approach to Early Years teaching and learning is through play based explorative learning for cognitive, physical and social development; using England’s Revised 2012 Early Years Foundation Stage Framework built on the seven learning areas. Each area of learning and development is implemented through planned, purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activity indoors and outdoors experiences. Below is a list of the learning areas and what they offer to your child.


Primary Years (Key Stage 1 & 2)
At the Primary level the revised England’s 2014 National curriculum is used as our core, while infusing learning with other curricula making our instruction in depth, broad and challenging. Children will have four core areas of experiences.





  • History and Geography are often interwoven in PROJECT and THEMATIC learning, giving the children ample exposure to the humanities.
  • At Kerridale our teachers offer other aspects of learning which are an integral part of the LIFE OF THE SCHOOL. These extend beyond the normal class lessons and include extra- curricula activities and clubs; such as MUSIC, BALLET, TAEKWONDO, LIBRARY, BOARD GAMES, EDUCATIONAL VISITS, COMMUNITY CARING and participation in National and International days.
  • Lastly, and certainly not the least, there is ‘THE HIDDEN CURRICULUM’ described as THE SPIRIT & CULTURE of our school life. We all (Children, Staff & Parents) enforce, live and demonstrate this through our values, morning assemblies, class rules, celebration, magic words, etc.  It is FELT rather than seen and we believe it is the most real and most important part of the time we spend together within the Kerridale Preparatory School Community

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